ICTI Authentication

ICTI audits our PVC balls factory                    Wal-Mart and Target rely on our quality

3 to 4 new products per month
Thanks to international buyers like you, our business is expanding. To better serve you, er built a new PVC toy factory that adheres to the standards set by the International Council of Toy Industries(ICTI).While still waiting for our certification from ICTI, we're already fully operational. Send us your projects for sports and leisure items. We offer products to suit customers of varying lifesytles and fitness levels. And each month, we develop an additional three to four items for your selection.
Phthalate-free goods
We've been designing and manufacturing sports and leisure items for 14 years. Retailers in more than 20 countries come to us, including Wal-Mart and Target. They count on us for products that are certified by SGS, TV and GS to meet thte latest quality and environmental regulations. And our goods are free of phthalates or heavy metals in accordance with EU Directive 2005/84/EC and EN71 standards.
More capacity
With our new factory, our daily production capacity has increased to 20,000 balls To learn more, send us an e-mail today.


















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